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    Dark Foreshadows
    Voodoo is actually a West African religion. This religion is animist and spiritualist and many of its beliefs are related to ancestor spirits and both spirits of nature and of dead people are important. Voodoo often is related to rituals that include music and dancing and usually the drums make most of this music.

    All through the ritual, people believe that a spirit is in their body, controlling it, which also wanted, and important. This spirit is able to speak for the gods or dead people you love, and is also able to help to heal or do magic. But however, even if we are all allowed to believe in whatever we want, this is still a pagan religion and sometimes it may happen to be directed on not so beneficial aims...

    Near the City, there is one old abandoned ranch where a group of voodoo fanatics is doing their regular things. They actually perform their everyday rituals on that place and according to the laws of the state, it is not allowed to do that since it is concerned as an illegal act. The chief of the police has sent the young detective Rose to investigate if those rumors about the voodoo rituals are true and if they are, to do something about it. Rose arrives at the ranch and luckily for her but there’s no one there at the moment. She enters inside the house and starts to explore each room in details, trying to collect as many clues as she can, so she could solve the case faster and more efficiently. You may also take part in the investigation and help Rose finish it.


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    Dark Foreshadows

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    Genres: Scary
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    Published on: 03.10.2014
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    19racerlady (11 months ago):
    Older games are fun..NO stopwatch, thanks guys

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