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    The Missing Necklace
    We all have some favorite things, some favorite objects that we like most. For example Jenifer likes her necklace most; it is her favorite piece of jewelry that she wears only on special occasions. However, one day Jenifer realizes that she can't find her necklace. She searched the whole house but she couldn't find it, anywhere! Jenifer is thinking and rethinking all the circumstances, where the necklace could be, thinking about possible borrowing, but no, she couldn't remember about anything, except one thing... Jenifer has a friend that adores this necklace as well. She says that the necklace is beautiful but Jenifer thinks that the friend is actually little bit jealous about that necklace, so she could be the only suspect... Jenifer is at her friend's home at this moment while the friend is in the other room. Jenifer is using this chance to start searching the room, in order to find her necklace.

    This game is actually a very interesting combination of a hidden object game and 'spot the difference' game. You already know the hidden object games but here is a little explanation about the other type. You observe the two scenes looking for differences between two of them, and once you spot one, you simply click on it to select it. Have fun and we hope you will deal with the both games.


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    The Missing Necklace

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    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 96,787
    Published on: 11.10.2014
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