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    Western Honeymoon
    Kathrin is very creative person. She always knows how to see good in every opportunity and turns it into something interesting. This time is about the anniversary of her marriage. She likes to surprise her husband with organizing a second honeymoon. She has been thinking about the destination a lot, so she has decided for a small tourist cowboy city. The thing is that her husband really enjoys old western movies and he is really impressed by the lifestyle of the cowboys – he adores their courage, the stories about them, everything! And this small city is actually arranged just like that, so you will feel like you are in the Wild West. The streets look exactly like that but not just the streets, people are also dressed like in that manner - hats, horses, spurs, long dresses, lassos, but also there is a pub in that style. Kathrin has arranged to stay there with her husband for few days so he will really enjoy it. However, he still doesn't know what Kathrin's surprise is but it is quite sure that he will be happy about it. From one hand it is their second honeymoon but also they will spend time in one very interesting place... This would be one grad anniversary indeed.


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    Western Honeymoon

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    Genres: Romance
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    Published on: 12.10.2014
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