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    Hidden Numbers Art Works
    Have you been traveling around the world to see some of the great works of art and architecture? I hope you have! I also hope that you have the ability to notice things that others don't! You knowsome details, and tiny things that are not visible from the first sight! So if you have this ability, you will certainly reach high score in this game! But, don't worryif you lack this characteristic, here is a perfect opportunity for you to improve your attention to detail, and of course, your patience!

    Game Walkthrough: Welcome to this magnificent building! Yeah, look around and see all those beautiful columns and arches, painted wallsmarvelous! So your task in this game is actually exactly this! To look around! But of course it won't be a game if there is nothing more to ask from you, right? So the other task you should accomplish is to find all the hidden numbers scattered around this beautiful hall! So as soon as you start the game you might think that there are no numbers there! But that's the whole point, my dear friendthey are not visible right away, they are hidden!!! So open your eyes wide and start searching! There are numbers from 1 to 15 and they are all shown at the bottom stripe of the game screen! When you find a number and click on it, it will automatically disappear from there, so you will know which numbers are still there waiting for you to find them! You should be aware of the time all the time, because you have only 5 minutes to finish your task! So be careful, the time is ticking away! For every correct click you get 100 points and for every wrong click you lose 100 points! So avoid clicking unnecessarily because your score will be reduced!

    Game Instructions: To play this game you need to use your mouse and click on the left mouse button when you find a number! That's all you have to do in this hidden numbers-art works game, so give your best and finish the task in a shortest possible time!!!


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    Hidden Numbers Art Works

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    Published on: 02.09.2011
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