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    The Others
    We are aware that we live on the earth and besides the animal, the humans are ones that are most populated here, there are no others... or we only think that it is like that while the truth is something completely different...

    This is a strange story about one regular guy that one day experiences something really extraordinary. Like every other guy, one day Andrew decides to go in the small neighboring town, together with his friends, to visit great rock concert. He hasn't seen any concert for a longer time so he is really excited about it plus he loves those bands that are performing tonight. They were driving on the highway that will lead them to the place when the vehicle suddenly stopped. Soon they realized that something is broken in the car so they have to spend the night in a local motel because no one from them could see a solution for the car.

    This was a huge disappointment for the guys but there wasn't any other choice because they were far from their city and also far from the city where the concert will take place... Since they were in a trouble, they weren't looking for something big, just a clean room for sleeping but they soon felt that their presence in the motel was not welcomed... It seemed that there are some other creatures there, like some ghosts that have haunted the place. Let's enter there are see what is going on since those guys might need some help.


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    The Others

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    Genres: Scary
    Played: 99,210
    Published on: 26.10.2014
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    Played. 5-29-17
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    Will not load. WHY

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