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    Precious Sophie
    Many years ago the dog Lassie was the main character in many movies. Everyone knew about this wonderful female collie dog and its interesting adventures, presented via few heartwarming movies and perhaps the most famous of them, 'Lassie come-home'. Actually the real name of this dog-star was Pal but it appeared with the stage name 'Lassie' in the movie serial.

    Well aside from Lassie, Sophie is one small and very cute dog that has also earned her great fame thanks' to its particular talent and intelligence. Owning to that, Sophie has starred in many Hollywood movies so now everyone knows about this adorable creature. And because of that, Sophie is very precious so there is a whole team that takes care of her. In spite of this, someone's luck of attention leaded to something unwanted. One week ago, someone has stolen Sophie from her home.

    Sophie's owners freaked out when they realized that Sophie is missing so they started a quest to find her. At the moment when they thought that there isn't any solution for finding her, they suddenly realized who could be Sophie's taker. Since they didn't have any actual evidence, Sophie's owners decided to break into the house of the thief and take their precious dog home. No matter which is the reason for this act, they have to be very careful about what they are doing because breaking into someone's house is also a criminal act. Let's see together what will happen in this situation and help Sophie's owners bring her back home, before leaving someone earn a lot of money on her.


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    Precious Sophie

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    Genres: Pets
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    Published on: 02.11.2014
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    fmdamcat (4 years ago):
    How do you get the hints? I see nothing when i click on Hints.

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