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    Hearts full of Lies
    Love triangles, there can't be anything good about it because always there is someone that is hurt in this kind of a situation... In the game we have a very serious situation. This love triangle is not naive or passing because it has ended with a murder... but let's start from the beginning.

    A bigger company consisted of two pairs and one single friend always spends time together. All of them know each other for many, many years so they feel very comfortable together or at least it seems that is like that... Those fellows spend the weekend together but unfortunately the single guy was found dead in the yard of the house. This happening was terrible and it shocked all friends. The police was called right away and the investigation will clear up some strange relations that existed between those friends. It seems that there was a love triangle between some of the couples and the single guy, one of the wives was cheating her husband with the single guy! The police have to figure out if some of the husbands is the murderer or maybe the wives...

    This is actually a detective game where you will play in a role of a policeman. All four characters are suspected and the further investigation, if it is held properly, will tell who the one that did the terrible crime is. Be careful in the investigation, follow the clues and you will finish this task correctly.


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    Hearts full of Lies

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    Genres: Romance | Mystery
    Played: 370,588
    Published on: 21.11.2014
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    All comments (6)
    jackfrost (5 months ago):
    Mimma (4 years ago):
    Thank you
    psleeprice (5 years ago):
    You've heard the story about how you can never put the exact amount of dirt back in a hole?  Must be the same thing for putting a torn picture back...won't accept the last corner piece and game will not proceed.  Good game though, excellent characters too.  they are going to hyperventilate en-mass from breathing so fast!
    happyface (5 years ago):
    I just got done playing the game it was a good game, MsSassy you got to line the pieces right if not, they not going to stay together, once you line them right, they will stay in place, good luck.
    MsSassy (5 years ago):
    This is the second time I've tried to complete this game,but the parts of the puzzle will not connect correctly.  What gives?
    MsSassy (5 years ago):
    I completed the picture-why can't I proceed?

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