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    Through the Mirror
    Welcome to this wonderful place. It's about an amazing small village that characterizes with incredible architecture, buildings that can't be seen anywhere in the world. This village is actually the place of birth of Sharon's grandmother – the girl that will be the main character in today's game. Sharon is 25 years old and she loves to read adventurous novels, that is her biggest passion. She started reading those books when she was really young and she continued to 'swallow' them until today.

    Lead by the impressions of the last read novel, Sharon decides to visit her grandmother's village since it seems to be similar as those places seen in the novels. She likes to check all houses there so she enters from one house to another, going from one street to another and seeing what is hidden there. Going like that Sharon realizes that in one room there is a mirror that shows a very different reflection. The room is arranged one way while the reflection in the mirror looks completely different, as it is a reflection of some completely different room! Sharon comes closer to the mirror, to see what is happening there and she suddenly enters into that world, a world of fantasy, something that can't be seen everyday around us!

    This amazing game is part fantasy, part adventure. It includes five levels and passing from one level to another level is actually opening and passing through doors, moving from one location to another, until you get to stat strange mirror that opens up a completely new world.


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    Through the Mirror

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 25.11.2014
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