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    The Garden of Salvation
    Young Jacob was always seeking for adventures. He never wanted to stay on one place or do the same thing every day. Sometimes he had to, but his spirit was never calm in those moments so the next adventure was like coming home.

    However, last Jacob's feat ended up little bit unpredictable. Jacob was trapped in the city of shadows and ghosts. All exits from the city are closed and who knows what should be expected in a place like this, something totally different from what we see every day.

    Somehow young Jacob managed to get the information that the safest place in the whole city is the botanic garden. At first he could not explain to himself why but actually in that garden there were numerous flowers that spread specific smell. Those flowers with their smell manage to deter the bad ghosts and send them far away so everyone is safe at that place. However, since Jacob doesn't know this place well, he doesn't know how to get to that garden. He will have to search through the city no matter how dangerous is that, and find the garden for a protection. On the other hand, he thinks that this is just the first stop before he manages to get away from this place and never come back. Jacob feels now experienced enough to be able to know that every challenge should not be taken because some of them could cause him a lot, even his own life!


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    The Garden of Salvation

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    Genres: Scary
    Played: 137,615
    Published on: 11.12.2014
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    Wanda (6 years ago):
    can't get the game to load

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