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    Paranormal Files - Parallel World
    Paranormal events are unusual occurrences described in popular culture, folklore and other non-scientific concepts, terms, and happenings whose being inside these contexts is illustrated to lie outside the normal experience or scientific explanation. From time to time we hear some story about ghosts, about happenings that are not typical for our everyday life so the only answer for that is that it is about certain paranormal activity. This game is actually a second part of the series Paranormal Files that will show you one quite unusual happening that is really hard to be explained.

    In this episode of the game, the player is a detective that will try to solve the situation. He arrives at one ranch where according to the landlady, strange things are happening all the time. Some of the objects in the ranch disappear and then they appear again, on their places. She tells the detective (you) about this happening, adding that the place where the ranch was built before was a graveyard with a lot of graves and a church. The detective suspects that this is actually the space where parallel world join – this world and the world of the souls buried in those graves and that’s how he explains those mysterious happenings that happen every day in that place.

    The task that stands in front of you as the main detective in this game is to discover the relationship between this world and the parallel world where those lost souls still live. Let’s see how this mystery will end.


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    Paranormal Files - Parallel World

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    Genres: Religion | Scary | Mystery
    Played: 143,422
    Published on: 24.12.2014
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    psleeprice (3 years ago):
    You forgot to put on the ENLARGE button.  Some of us are vision impaired enough we cannot play these games without them.  Please fix it.
    mas72 (4 years ago):
    same here
    AprilD39 (4 years ago):
    I'm hitting play and nothing is happening, can someone tell me why the game is not coming up???

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