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    The Royal Auction
    You probably didn't know that the word 'auction' comes from the Latin word augeo which means 'I increase' or 'I augment'. And that's actually logical having in mind the auction is consisted of bidding about certain object, starting from everyday objects, then cars or real estates, to some very valuable works of art. Sometimes people like to have those objects for themselves while sometimes those auctions are organized for humanitarian purposes and in those cases even small and not so valuable objects get very high prices, just to collect more money for the ones that really need it.

    The Royal Family is known for its humanitarian activities. They may have a lot since they are royals but they surely like to give money and goods to the ones that really need it. That's why they are always first; donating when there is some natural disaster, when someone needs money for an expensive medical treatment and similar other situations.

    This time the Royal Family has decided to offer a part of their valuable objects on auction. Their current concerns are homeless people so they are willing to collect as much as they can and invest the collected money in building shelters for this threatened group of people. Brian Gordon is a world famous appraiser and he will actually be the leader of this great auction. He is known for his great charisma and the skill to make most of people when it comes to bidding. Brian will introduce us with the whole situation about the homeless and the royal auction so we could follow the auction together.


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    The Royal Auction

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    Published on: 06.02.2015
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