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    Unjustly convicted, that is something that we wouldn't recommend to anyone but it surely happens, unfortunately. And when it happens in a foreign country, that is even worse because you have to deal with International police, international court and that's when things become even more complicated. That's why it is recommended not to take some hasty decisions or to commit yourself to some suspicious people that could possibly put you in trouble. But the following story is a testimony how things can turn wrong out of nowhere, even if there isn't any relation to someone or something suspicious.

    This game is about an American that has been in a foreign country as a tourist. However, things went wrong so now he is convicted for smuggling jewelry. It would be ok if it was right but he is actually convicted for his own jewelry, something that he didn't mean to sell or anything. He believes that he is unjustly convicted but the state authorities don't like to hear his side of the story and that's why h sees running out of that country as his only solution for the situation.

    In other circumstances this could be an even bigger trouble but in his case this might be the only solution. The American hires a man that known the mountain range, especially the illegal border crossings which are well hidden and recognizable only for someone that knows about them. Actually now the life of the American is in the hands of the hired guide, so let's hope that everything will be just fine because if the border police catch him, he would be in even bigger trouble.


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    Run for Freedom

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    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 143,103
    Published on: 26.02.2015
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    BluAngel (2 years ago):
    Very good. 6-2017

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