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    The Golden Elixir
    Argelia is the main character of our today's game. This girl has one quite big problem. It's about her sister Grisel who is sick for few months already. Argelia is really worried about the sister because they simply can't find cure for her condition and it seems that it becomes worse every day. They have done everything they could, everything that knew or heard from someone to bring back Grisel's health but it seemed that nothing is worth; the girl was becoming even weaker, every day.

    After long time of searching, Argelia heard from some of the many doctors that she visited that the only hope could be drinking the golden elixir. All right, she found out about the possible cure but no one could tell her where this drug could be found. She searched everywhere, asked everyone she knew but it seemed that no one could help her. Finally someone told her something about certain man that knows the recipe for the cure. Supposedly he was the only man that could help, the only one that give Grisel her cure but where is this man?

    Argelia is prepared to do everything she could, to go everywhere she can and find the golden elixir including this mysterious man. Since it is about a young girl that will travel alone, it would be nice if you could help her a bit and be her companion on her long trip full of uncertainties. And don't waste time since Grisel's life is in your hands.


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    The Golden Elixir

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    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 178,346
    Published on: 10.03.2015
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    Christmas music here, too? Please, it's November 7 and it's enough we are bombarded with this in stores and on TV already.
    donnaslade40@yahoo.ca (4 years ago):

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