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    The Dark Talisman
    A talisman is an object which is thought to posses certain magical or sacramental possessions which would grant good luck for the owner or perhaps offer protection from evil or harm. A talisman has to be charged with magical powers by a creator usually by means of this act of consecration or 'charging' that gives the talisman its supposed magical powers and this magical object is always made for an exact reason. All the established magical schools suggest that a talisman is supposed to be created by the person who plans to use it so they propose that this person has to be familiar with all the symbolism related to all the different planetary and elemental forces.

    The Dark Talisman is one of the most valued talismans in the world. We are not sure who was the first owner of the talisman but the legends say that the one that owns the talisman has an extraordinary power of ruling with thoughts of other people. This sounds like a fine argument everyone to wish having this object but at the moment the talisman has his owner or at least it had it, few days ago… The owner of the dark talisman has reported that the precious talisman has been stolen from his home so he is hoping that the police will find it as soon as possible.

    The owner doesn't say anything about the powers of the magical object but it is surely something that means a lot to him. The police will do its job but we would be thankful if you could help them finish their job faster and bring the talisman where it belongs.


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    The Dark Talisman

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    Genres: Mystery
    Played: 98,932
    Published on: 14.03.2015
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