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    Hidden Numbers Shrek
    Heres how it goes in the fairy tales: there is a beautiful princes that lives her normal (or sometimes hard) life, waiting to be found by the prince charming who changes her whole destiny. The end of the story: And they lived happily ever after And its always the same, the same pattern, the same ending But the thing is that all real princesses that live around us, all girls, are totally aware that things are not like that in real life. Prince charming doesnt appear so charming every time, or he may never come, or he may come as a prince and after that turn into a frog or something On other hand what if the princess is not so beautiful, what if she is fat or if she has buckteeth Oh, it can be hard sometimes in the world far from the tales.

    But not so long ago has appeared one real story about two ogres Shrek and his beautiful princess Fiona. Fiona was a beautiful red heard princess who lived in a high tower waiting for her true love to save her. But things werent so easy with Fiona; she was a beautiful princess only by day. Every night she was turning into a giant ogre, green, fat and clumsy. The prophecy has said that she will get her real and eternal shape only when she finds a true live. And on her way of imagining the prince charming who will break the terrible spell, Fiona meets Shrek, huge green creature, same as her! And even if they fall in love, it will be more typical for a fairy tale, her true shape to be a beautiful princess but actually she turns into an ogre. But every smart person knows that when love is about, the shape doesnt play a part.

    Game Walkthrough:The following game goes through pictures of the cartoon Shrek. You will enjoy wonderful pictures and at the same time you will have to find hidden objects in every picture, or more exactly, you will have to find numbers from 1 to 20. You have time of 5 minutes for every picture and you better do your job in that time because otherwise it will be end of the game. Of course, it is recommendable to finish earlier because that way there is a bigger possibility to earn a lot of points and get highest score. Also try not to make any mistake because that way youre scored will be reduced.

    Game instructions :Shrek works similar like the biggest part of the hidden object games. There are numbers that should be found, quickest as possible. Once you see a number, you should just click it, and it will disappear from the list that is located at the bottom of the scene. Know that the numbers in the picture are really, really small, and the loop that is given will be more them needed. If you have any difficulties, just take the hint and go on. Have fun!


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    Hidden Numbers Shrek

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