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    The Invisible Escort
    People have different talents and powers. Some of us are talented for music and are able to interpret well music, playing or singing. Some of us are able to catch the sights of the nature by painting; some are good at sports, some at math and so on while some of us have some truly strange powers and by strange powers we mean supernatural powers. Yes, believe it or not, some people are gifted by this kind of power and they are able to see things that other people can't, like ghosts and vampires, and often they are able to communicate with them, being the only ones who could actually make that kind of a connection.

    Amaya is one of those people with that kind of a power. She has this supernatural power that allows her to see ghosts but also it allows her to talk to them. Often those supernatural creatures call her to tell her that they are in trouble and those troubles usually are not being able to step on the other side because of some unfinished job, something they didn't manage to finish while they were alive or didn't manage to tell. Amaya was scared at first from this gift but after a while she realized that she can control the whole ghost situation, so she started helping them.

    This time she heard the call of some ghost that asked from her to come with him in one spooky place, in order to help him. She is not scared at all and she is really willing to help him, so she will do her best to bring him peace and send him where he belongs - on the other side.


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    The Invisible Escort

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    Genres: Scary
    Played: 65,861
    Published on: 24.04.2015
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    sandee.hargrove (5 years ago):
    New items to look for...thanks!  Much more interesting.