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    Undiscovered Land
    Thanks to history and archeology, we know a lot of things about the past, about the people that lived many, many years ago and their habits, the things that happened in that time... It is about a very difficult field of interest because the time does its work – it goes fast and it is not resistant to the changes that appear every day. That's why we know many things about our past but many things are well hidden under the veil of the time. Also it seems that every civilization went on its own path but also many things could not move on because of the human factor who writes the history about those happenings and many times people could be possessive about the history and ready to write down their own history about something that affected numerous people... That's why there are explanations about Atlantida for example, and no one knows the real truth about it...only some insinuations of the truth.

    The lost and undiscovered land known as Ebrua has a similar destiny. It is the land of one really developed civilization known by the name Asparia. Because of the previously mentioned factors, no one didn't know exactly about this civilization, if it is a real civilization or just a story invented for young children. However, today one expedition has discovered the mysterious land of Ebrua which means that it was much more than a just a story for little children. You have the chance to explore this story and learn something more about it from firsthand, taking part in the team that explores it right now.


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    Undiscovered Land

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 27.04.2015
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