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    String of Pearls
    Eva is happily married for many years and she and her husband have spent numerous wonderful moments together. She appreciates those moments more than everything but she also appreciates that he likes to buy her some presents from time to time, usually for some anniversaries they have together. One of her favorite gifts was this pearl necklace that she got for the anniversary of her marriage and she loves it very much. She wears this string of pearls only for special occasions because she really feels special when she wears it but somehow this object has disappeared from her home mysteriously.

    Criminals and robbers are not something she is willing to think of so she strongly believes that she will find the necklace as soon as possible. Eva excludes the option to call the police so she starts to search every corner of the house, believing that the necklace is hiding somewhere in the house. She is exploring every room in details, paying attention to every detail, thinking all the time of the possible places where she left it, of the people that were there and perhaps put the pearl necklace on another place...

    Maybe she is not finding it that fast but we are sure that if you also take part in this quest, Eva will find the necklace sooner and that will calm down her worries. Let's take the police's job in our own hands and deal with this situation, hoping that it really doesn't ask for professional help.


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    String of Pearls

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    Genres: Mystery | Romance
    Played: 125,445
    Published on: 30.04.2015
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