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    Here are first just few history facts that will tell you something about the context of this interesting game. Rome was founded 753BC by its first king Romulus and it grew into a rich city in the following years so by the AD 117 the Roman Empire included the whole Italy, the lands around the Mediterranean and much of Europe, including England, parts of Scotland and Wales, all of that thanks to its strong army.

    Also they were quite clever and built aqueducts - a system of channels and bridges - to bring water for public baths and toilets... Taken completely it is about a very strong civilization that ruled for many years and that's why it has a long and rich history that includes numerous interesting details.

    Pomona is a girl that is very much interested in archeology and history, especially about the history of the Roman Empire. She lives in Atra, which is a small area in the Roman Empire and her job is finding old objects and detecting the period where they belong, which period of ruling of the great Empire. Those artifacts are very important for discovering the history because they incorporate the happenings that have marked that period, including the habits of our ancestors. Let's take part in this interesting journey and discover something more about this empire that ruled for so many years.


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    Relic Collector

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 02.05.2015
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    Diane (5 years ago):
    I don't like the Zuma game.
    sandee.hargrove (5 years ago):
    First time to complete the Zuma round in any of these games!!  Yea, me!!!!

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