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    Mystery of the Sea
    Again different people with different affections and interests and that is pretty amazing because only that way we could explore in details our surroundings and learn more about everything. We could not know everything but thanks' to those people's knowledge; we could get more information much easily.

    For example young Josephine is a passionate diver. She is interested in this hobby very, very much and she is reaching the depths for many years until now. Every free time that she has she uses in exploring the sea depths, finding out numerous interesting facts related to those waters. However, most of the times she was exploring the nature but one of those dives opened her one new perspective, not less interesting at all, actually something that changed her entire life.

    While Josephine was diving as always, it happened to notice the great 'Black Knight' – a boat that has been concerned as disappeared for more than 200 years. There were numerous expeditions looking for the boat but it seemed that it has disappeared from the face of the earth and no one could find it until this day. It is presumed that there is a huge amount of gold on this boat and even if this is something new for Josephine, she is ready to explore the whole boat in details with aim to find the gold. Let's help Josephine explore the every corner of the boat and get to the gold that is a huge finding for her personally but also for the history in general.


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    Mystery of the Sea

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    Genres: Adventure
    Played: 173,930
    Published on: 30.05.2015
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    judyrogers@twc.com (2 years ago):
    I cannot get this game to load.  I have been trying to load several different games with no luck.
    psleeprice (3 years ago):
    This works now, thank you.
    psleeprice (3 years ago):
    Still won't load.  Anybody home?
    psleeprice (3 years ago):
    Mystery of the Sea will not load.  Ads work, gear for "Now Loading" work but nothing happens.
    Naiomilinda@yahoo.com (3 years ago):
    I Try to play a game but can't get it to play are load

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