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    The Anderson Sisters
    This is one of those unwanted stories that unfortunately could happen to everyone. Martina is one of the three Anderson sisters. Many people know the story about those girls because it was all over the media. The girls were on a weekend together with their parents when two of them suddenly disappeared in the dense woods. No one could imagine how could this happen but it is sure that there was a great quest for them that lasted for a long period. So many people concerned about the safety of the two girls were looking for them, supported by the police professionals, but there wasn't any trace that could tell something about it. The intensive search lasted for few months but the girls weren't found and the case had to be closed while the girls are still missing.

    This even has a quite bad influence over Martina. The lost of her sisters is something that doesn't leave her calm. She rethinks about the whole situation many times, making plans in her head how could she do something in order to find them, or just help to be found. After long cooperation with the police, when the interest for the girls started to decrease, Martina decided that she should start her own search for them because she still strongly believes that her sisters are still alive. She considers that exploring the local villages around the place where the girls disappeared will be a good step so that is actually the first step of the quest that should take her closer...


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    The Anderson Sisters

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    Genres: Scary | Mystery
    Played: 202,768
    Published on: 30.06.2015
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    All comments (8)
    jackfrost (4 weeks ago):
    19racerlady (2 months ago):
    Zuma is toooo slow. Must fire several times to hit the target. Tiresome...
    Annamarie (3 years ago):
    sum off the games wil not reload ful and it take very long too reload,i am on google chrome with my internet
    patches48 (3 years ago):
    stupid game it loaded ok then the girl wouldn't go away so couldn't finish the game,this happened a few times in these games
    mollyts82015 (4 years ago):
    Why won't game load when I press play
    psleeprice (4 years ago):
    Wow!  You guys are getting really good!  This one is great.  Thanks for Zuma!
    sandee.hargrove (4 years ago):
    Why does the clock keep on ticking after you click on the last object????

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