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    Professional Seller
    The customer is always right, says an old wisdom of the marketers. Even when as retailer you know that you didn't make a mistake, you have to convince the customer that it is his right, because he/she is put on the pedestal of the pyramid of the trade. Who wants to make money out of its business, must never forget to service the best way its customers. And small secrets and trade ingredients make the whole difference in the world. If you learn that, you will be the happiest businessman in the world, and off course, never forget to smile to the customer.

    In this game, our player has the opportunity to be professional seller who follows the rules of his chief. This retailor is trying his luck at a Cake supply store called 'Dolce vita' in Memphis, Tennessee. Roberts' mentors are Fred and Jessica, who work at the store already for five and seven years, each. They shared all the secrets in the trade they knew to teach Robert how to be the best. Our players' task is to service customers the faster and the most kindly possible, because if customers are pleased, they will return again in his store.

    First advises he got were always to put smile at his face and not to be too serious and use some jokes when he serves the customers. He had to learn most of the products names, ingredients, details, so he could impress customers. And he tried very much. Whenever he didn't have customers at store, he would go through products and learn as a pupil. And the result was amazing, Facebook reviews and comments of customers were overwhelming. Help Robert with few more advises that could help him be not only good, but the best.


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    Professional Seller

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    Published on: 17.07.2015
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