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    The Legend of Oldwood
    Religion is a very strong thing. It attracts millions of people and makes them believe in the same moral issues and teaches them to do things exactly as it wants to. Every religion and believe has its own leader, someone who has that charisma to attract innumerable people in its own brood and to persuade them to act exactly by the book. Everyone has its own God, someone to trust, to pray, to look for a conciliation and solace. In today's game we are dealing with the issue of religion and mystery.

    You are going to meet Karen, a young girl that origins from one of the most mysterious villages in the world, named Oldwood. Together with our player she decides to enter Oldwood and to solve a big mystery. That is to say, all the citizens of this village have disappeared in only one night. Researching the whole thing, she finds out that villagers believed in their proper religion and that they had their own Gods.The missing people have been a very common picture for this place. That's what Karen's grandfather told her.

    Other people as well have tried to determine the problem, but no one succeeded before. Karen discovers that people that disappeared were selected victims of Gods. Sometime later, Karen finds out that the whole village had moved away in one night and everybody left the village in an unknown direction, listening to their Gods orders.


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    The Legend of Oldwood

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    Genres: Adventure | Mystery
    Played: 175,731
    Published on: 22.08.2015
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