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    The Voodoo Forest
    If you are a believer, you believe in God, no matter what's your God's name. Some believe in things, some in miracles, and some – in nothing. Though, believing in nothing is already believing in something. And in the history of humankind, there are a lot of examples when people get the influence from one specific nation, tribe and accepts it as their own. For instance, the voodoo magic comes from the name of a West African religion. They are spiritualists who believe in their ancestor's spirits. Voodoo magic is provocative for modern people as well. They believe that spirits of nature and of dead people are very important.

    Today we are dealing with a strong believer of voodoo magic. Carl is a young guy who is very much interested in voodoo magic, since his high school days. He dedicates his spare time in reading books, watching documentaries connected to magic. Sometime later he finds out that deep in the forest, near the big marshland there is someone that is dealing with such bad things. He gets on the road all alone, without any escort and gets to the place.

    There, he doesn't find the woman that works with voodoo magic, but finds a lot of interesting things from which she finds out that she is still there and doing her best in this 'profession'. If this is provocative enough for you, than put your selves into this voodoo magic adventure.


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    The Voodoo Forest

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    Genres: Scary | Mystery
    Played: 86,383
    Published on: 29.08.2015
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