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    Overseas Adventure
    The Planet Earth hides marvelous wonders of nature. One of her most fabulous places, which resembles a fairy tale, is the Abarat Archipelago. It consists of twenty five small islands each of which is related to a different feeling depending on the time of the day it represents. The Abarat Archipelago with its natural treasures and hidden surprises is a perfect setting for a new adventure for our player as it provides him with a simultaneous trigger for the senses while he is puzzling out a challenging mystery.

    The odyssey is incited by an ancient local legend according to which there is a hidden deserted island near The Abarat Archipelago whose existence has been witnesses by many sailors and seamen, yet it is counted imaginary as it is not mapped up to date. As the witnesses of this mystical island suggest, it has deliberately been hidden and kept away from the eyes of the public because in the past it had been used by the pirates to keep their stolen gold and jewels safely. Logically, it is expected that this is an island of great and abundant fortunes, a fact which is attractive for our player to go and find this impressive and inspiring hidden place. The search for the island and the hunt for the treasure becomes his mission which he is expected to enrich with his own logic and reason in order to fulfill his task.

    The quest for the lost island hides many adventures and opens a gate to new challenges for our curious player. Wandering around the natural treasures of The Abarat Archipelago delivers a plentitude of exciting ventures to our player while he is on the way to the discovery of the pirate's mecca.


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    Overseas Adventure

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 24.09.2015
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    19racerlady (10 months ago):
    Fun games, I like 4 of a kind..

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