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    Animal Park Hidden Number
    An animal park, sometimes known as awildlife park, is azoo-like commercial tourist attraction where visitors can drive in their own vehicles or ride in vehicles provided by the facility to observe freely roaming animals. The main attractions are frequently large animals from Sub-Saharan Africa such asgiraffes,lions,rhinoceros,elephants,zebras, andantelope. A safari park, while larger than a zoo, is usually a very small area compared togame reservesin Africa. Safari parks often have other associated tourist attractions: golf courses, carnival rides, cafes/restaurants, miniature trains, and gift shops.

    Game walkthrough: A game in which you get to learn while having fun is always a great game! In this animal park, you will see a large number of animals; from giraffes, zebras and elephants, to lions, tigers and leopards. Nearby there is also a lake, so you will encounter some water animals as well, such as crocodiles and hippos. You will get to see some exotic birds and snakes and lizards. Your goal will be to try and spot numbers hidden in this park full of animals. In the first level, you will need to find numbers from one to ten. And they can be everywhere; on the grass, on top of mountains, in the water, on the animals skin and even in the air. Some of them you will spot quite easily, but others you will look for hours. Just be patient and keep your eyes open. Sometimes the thing youre looking for is right in front of your nose.

    Game instructions: When you spot a number somewhere in the park, just click on it. On the bottom left corner of your screen there will be all the numbers you need to find, and once you find one, it will turn from black to red. This way you can keep track and see which numbers youve got left. For every correct click you will get 10 points, while for every wrong click 10 points will be taken from your score. There is also a time limit, so you will need to keep track and find the numbers before you run out of it. This is shown on the bottom right corner of your screen.


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    Animal Park Hidden Number

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    Published on: 18.11.2011
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