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    The Maids Tale
    When you are rich and a celebrity, you don't want to bother with banalities and ordinary everyday things in your home. Than you pay a person, some woman that is very hardworking to keep your house clean, to cook for you and your family or even to take care of your children, when you are not around. Celebrities can't imagine their lives without the assistance of a servant. And they can't choose whoever, they need to be sure that that would be a person whom they can trust. Otherwise, very often, tabloids are full with true or less true stories, trivia about them, their family, their mistresses or lovers and love affairs. Not that rarely maids end up with some actor or director, and then divorces comes around. That's life, what to do?

    Hollywood stars very often purchase houses, not only in Los Angeles, but on the best and secret places in the world. Sometimes they choose some old houses and want to do some renovation or if no one has lived there for a long time ago, the house needs a thorough cleaning. We have such situation in our game for today. Katherine is a professional maid. She is very well known at famous Hollywood stars because lots of actors and actresses have hired her in their homes. At the moment she is been given an arrangement at a Hollywood director's home. The director has bought house in an elite area in Los Angeles, but no one has lived in that house for long years, and that's why the house was pretty dirty.

    Katherine should bring the best order in the house, so the famous director could move into it. He is pretty impatient to enter the new home and that's why he needs quick and good cleaning. Our player for today is Katherine's assistant. Your job is to help her do her best.


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    The Maids Tale

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    Genres: Cleaning
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    Published on: 19.10.2015
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    All comments (2)
    mabby (2 years ago):
    Old games are still good, and not very easy. Thanks h4f.
    Fae (4 years ago):
    It's getting boring...the items hidden are the same no matter what "new" game you pick.  It's not interesting anymore!  It'd be more fun if the items hidden were all very different for each new game.

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