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    The Joy of Cooking
    Is there a better topics for Sunday afternoon home enjoying than having a game that will remind you how important good food is for us and not only for our health, but for our senses, as well. You want to satisfy your eyes, your stomach, and enjoy with friends and family, with good wine and a lot of long relaxing conversations. Whenever you have a member in the family that is magician in the kitchen you won' have a problem for such a delicious table. And then, you just wish for that person to be more often in a good mood to cook for you and friends. Good cooking is a magic, it is like piece of art. And it is very sad when someone doesn't appreciate good food.Our main person for today, our magician in the kitchen is Thelma. She is a housewife and her main passion is cooking different specialties.

    She enjoys buying food in the closest market and especially in preparing interesting dishes. After the big experience, she has decided to write a book with her best recipes called 'The Joy of cooking'. She worked on this book for one year and didn't put all the recipes she knows, but her best specialists.

    Her book went extremely well with the audience, especially with the women's population. Today as well, Thelma is in the closest market, looking for fresh food, which later she is going to turn into very tasty specialty. We give you a good challenge today, aren't we? You should help Thelma choose the best victuals for her preparing of the lunch. Try to use her fantasy and make a collection of the best vegetables and meat for her recipes.


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    The Joy of Cooking

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    Published on: 26.10.2015
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    feisty32 (3 years ago):
    how do i begin o play
    bus210 (3 years ago):
    not loading again
    RobinSue (3 years ago):
    I have registered but I can't get to a game. It says this plug in not supported. I tired of this.

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