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    Afternoon Tea
    You might have everything, good job, interesting friends to spend time with, a lovely place to live, but if a person is not fulfilled with requited love and emotions, he or she wouldn't feel like complete person. When we are happy with a person next to us, it seems like we can achieve anything we want, touch the stars and make the impossible - possible for you. Very often, when years go by, we say to ourselves that no one notices us, something is wrong with us, but we are actually not honest, and forget to admit that maybe we are not very open to new people around us.

    Feel free to relax, to accept new people in life and you will see that everything would be easy. In today's game we are making friends with the quintessence of such a person. Alice is 30 years old girl. If you look from aside, you would think and say that she actually doesn't have a reason to be unhappy or unsatisfied with herself. She lives in a modern apartment in the luxury settlement next to a beautiful lake. She moved in this apartment less than one year ago. Her working obligations don't allow her to spend most of the time with friends, so Alice starts to feel a bit lonely.

    For the weekend, Alice decides to visit the old part of the city that is surrounded with amazing houses and castles. She meets Gary who is her contemporary and is owner of a small souvenir shop in the old part of the town. He invites Alice on a walk through the wonderful nature in which aristocratic houses and castles are situated. He offers her cream tea in the yard of his house. Alice is so happy for the new acquaintanceship and allows herself to enter a romantic adventure.


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    Afternoon Tea

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    Genres: Romance
    Played: 114,309
    Published on: 27.10.2015
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    mabby (2 years ago):
    Ive played ut several times, images are perfect! Thanks h4f.
    vewing (3 years ago):
    Love the Zuma games!

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