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    Beautiful Beginning
    It might be a modern myth or illusion, but for a lot of girls the wedding day is the most awaited in their lives. Since little girls they dream about the white day, when they will be wearing the most beautiful bridal dress in the whole world, the whole attention of the big restaurant will be turned towards them and everybody would cheer how beautiful she is. And we are not mistaking if we say that boys don't quiet imagine this. There is this joke that says – why do grooms wear black suit on the wedding day? It was because they enter the married life which won't be an easy thing at all.

    Of course this is joke and off course it might tell a bit of truth. Each bride or almost each one is pretty nervous when it comes to the preparations for the wedding ceremony. Weather everything is at its' adequate place, how will the guests seat, what would the flower arrangement look like, if the music is going to please the taste of the audience, the food, as well. And when the whole thing is finished, the groom and the bride simply understand that that is only one day in their lives, and that the game has just began.

    Amanda is a future bride. The last preparations about the big day are happening in her home. Our player has the role of her assistant and he is helping her with the organization of the wedding. He/she is obliged to check out all the places and things, so nothing would be missing. In the same time, his/her task is to move away all the unnecessary stuff that could derange the whole festive ceremony. Try to help the bride the best you can so it would be the perfect day of her live.


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    Beautiful Beginning

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    Genres: Romance
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    Published on: 04.11.2015
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    Pek-Inés (2 years ago):
    Sooo beautiful and amusing, thanks!!!
    MaeWest08 (3 years ago):
    Painfully boring!

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