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    Double Identity
    Polygamy is an interesting topics that in the Western world still is a bit of taboo and off course, it is forbidden by law. And that is not accidentally. Christianity does not admit the marriage that includes more than two partners. If everyone is honest enough in front of him/herself, would admit that at least once in a life has thought on this issue. What if we lived in such environment and mental constitution, we would surely not have problem to have two or three husbands. But, numbers would surprise you. As we said, western world isn't the whole world.

    According to Ethnographic Atlas, of 1.231 society noted, 186 are monogamous, 453 have occasional polygamy (when one man has more wives), 588 have more frequent polygamy and only 4 have polyandry (when a woman has more husbands). And, they usually say if one man has more women next to him, then, that shows that he is very mighty and wealthy person. People that are fond of polygamy and experimenting married status would say that it doesn't matter if my husband has another wife, as long as he loves me and gives me everything I want.

    Detective Cynthia and Brian are in the middle of an action. They begin a very delicate investigation. Actually, we are talking about infidelity case. Maria is a wife of Peter and she is suspecting that her husband leads double life and that not only he is having an affair with another woman, but that he is married to another woman. The polygamy is forbidden by law in this country, that's why this case has been handed to the state police. Our player is a member of the team detectives that are involved into the case and want to discover if Maria's husband really has a double identity.


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    Double Identity

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 05.11.2015
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    judyrogers@twc.com (3 years ago):
    Why don't these games load on my computer?

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