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    My New Kitchen
    Every woman that adores spending time in her kitchen wants to have the perfect space to make her culinary magic. Maybe the idealistic way would be if you could change the actual kitchen in five years that would be the perfect dream for each housewife. But, very often, that is a huge project that looks for a lot of money and temper. Some ladies can afford that easily, some have to work hard for that. Actually, we spend the most of the time in our home in the kitchen, because the magic goes through our stomachs and that unites the family. Even if you can't afford to renovate and give new look to your house or specifically your kitchen, than, try to enjoy it the best you can. Still, the magic and the taste come from your hands and imagination, not from the pots or the oven or cooking range.

    Our today's game is actually dedicated to such kind of a woman, someone who wants to change important part in her everyday life. Susan has always wanted to renovate her kitchen never it seemed like she had never had enough money to realize that. She spends a lot of time in the kitchen and enjoys it the most. She loves making her family and friends satisfied with her dishes. After long time, Susan decides to do some extra job to collect the needed money for the kitchen from her dreams.

    She heard from people from her neighborhood that a cleaner is been needed in a house next door. She calls the advertisement and arrives in the house. There is not a lot to be done in the house actually and she accepts the job, because she knows that that is going to be easy earned money that can bring her to the perfect kitchen, the one she had dreamt of for so long.


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    My New Kitchen

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    Published on: 11.11.2015
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