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    The Frozen Lake
    They say memories fade, but pictures stay forever to remind us of some other time, some moment, some memory. Sometimes, it takes some aroma, some music tune or some word to remind us of something nice that we might have forgotten, but it is always dear to us that we actually remember the moment. Couples that are in love and live together many years, they certainly have memories to remember, common situations and acts that they couldn't imagine doing with someone else. We all have common favorite song that we heard when we did the first dance together or some restaurant or cafe where we had dinner for the first time, or not to mention some outdoor place underneath the stars where the first kiss came alone.

    That for sure, you will never forget. Very often in our everyday life we forget about those little things that actually give the biggest charm of our common existence. Wendy is already a middle aged woman and she enjoys a lot her promenades while there is snow. She is a big fan of winter and ice skating. Together with her husband they built a small cottage near the town where they live. Near their villa there is a lake which is getting frosted during the whole winter. That makes it the idealistic place for ice skating.

    She remembers when she was young girl that she actually met her husband exactly on the lake while skating. Our player has the role of Wendy's friend and together they walk alone around the frosted lake and they evoke memories of their common past, finding the objects that actually bring them back through the years. Just like some time machine. You must admit, today we are not giving you some very difficult task to do, it is even a bit romantically, don't you think?


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    The Frozen Lake

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    Genres: ForFun | Romance
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    Published on: 20.11.2015
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