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    Whispering Spirits
    One of the most wise people ever existed in the history of the human kind definitely were the Native Americans. The so called Indians were so close to the nature, to the good spirits of the animals and plants and they lived in accordance with them. They cured themselves using only the natural medicine. Unfortunately history wanted for them to be attacked and brought almost to a rare species kind by the white civilized people. Indians were very close to the nature, they produced the food for themselves, planted vegetables, were dedicated to agriculture. One of the biggest still existing tribes in the United States are the Navajo tribe. They are the second largest recognizedtribe in USA with some more than 300.000 members. Arizona and New Mexico are the states where they live the most. In our game for today we are actually talking about issue connected to Navajo tribe.

    Hello, I am Suni from Navajo tribe. My tribe believes in many Gods, some of them are good and some bad, because each of us have something good and, unfortunately, something bad. This last month in my tribe the bad God Wendigo is on throne and I have to do something to prevent the evil in us. The last few months there were big quarrels about who would be chosen to be the tribal chief and that's how some families are in bad relationship, they fight all the time. Wendigo has misused that and now evil has prevailed among us. I have been talking to bad gods.

    They told me that I should take objects from all the fighting members in the tribe and to bring to the good Gods, so they can pray for the good to be back in the tribe. So guys, let's do our best to help this well-intended and cosmopolitan man that wants to safe the piece in his people. We could do that, wouldn't be?


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    Whispering Spirits

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    Genres: Scary
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    Published on: 27.11.2015
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    All comments (4)
    mabby (1 year ago):
    So beautiful, thanks guys.
    Ward (2 years ago):
    Hello I'm Suni form the Navajo tribe? That's f-r-o-m - from, not form.
    geepers (3 years ago):
    too easy...
    terriw66 (3 years ago):
    just what I was looking for. I didn't want to have to download a game to play it.

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