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    The Old Bazaar
    They are very specific places in the whole world. We know them today as Old Bazaars. Sometimes they were only Bazaars. They are specific places where first of all, people of all kinds have gathered together in centuries. The marketplace was the meeting point of all different classes of people and everyone could find what he/she was looking for. The special impression about these places was the colorful ambient because merchants would sell everything here – from clothes, fabrics from all over the world, carpets, jewel, and anything you could think of.

    These places were always enclosed types and people didn't only exchange goods, but offered services, as well. Believe it or not, they existed since old Persia, where the word 'bazaar' actually origins since the seventh and eight century. Today, there still are active Old bazaars in a lot of countries. Some of them still have the same purpose in a more modern way, but people still gather, meet each other, sell to one one another their goods. A lot of art galleries have been opened in these places, due to the authentic areas they are situated.

    The Old Bazaar is a place which in centuries represents specific space where different kinds of meetings, tradings and most of all, secret friendships among merchants happen. That's the case with Evelyn, our player for today. She lives close to the Old Bazaar and each day she spends few hours there buying and talking to her friends vendors. Sometimes she even replaces them, when they are busy. Evelyn enjoys selling and being a merchant. She imagines that one day she can be a successful merchant in big company and that she will bring success to the people around her. She finds that the huge experience she gains everyday among the people can be very helpful for her career.


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    The Old Bazaar

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    Published on: 30.11.2015
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