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    Outdoor Cooking
    Is there a better way to spend some time outside the smelly big cities, the fog and the dirty streets and atmosphere than to runaway somewhere outside on some mountain, by some lake, spend some time in a camping with friends and family. There, one should accommodate on the conditions that the Mother Nature gives us and we must listen to her. There, under the open sky you don't have the comfortable conditions that are at home, the extra stove, dishes, pots, ingredients. When you are on a open air, you need to take the most necessary, the things you couldn't make a thing, some oil, some ingredients and you need to put a lot of love which is the most magical ingredient, off course.

    And very often, those meals turn out to be the best because they are made with great enthusiasm. People that spend time in nature are simple. They don't mind about how they are dressed, they only prefer to be in a warm fit and with the most adequate people – open minded people that don't care how do you look like, what's the brand you are wearing, if your hair is done by the last trend.

    The game we are offering you today is dedicated exactly to those nature lovers, that know how to respect nature and to live with it. Davis family is great admirer of camping. At least once a year they organize and go on camping. Their experience with camping makes them experts in making food outside of domestic conditions. Debra is the wife. She is expert for cooking in outdoor conditions. On this last trip she invited her very close friend, that is our player and wants to show her how to manage in natural conditions easier, when it comes to preparing food. Imagine you are put into such situation, use your imagination and accommodate the best.


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    Outdoor Cooking

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    Published on: 21.12.2015
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