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    House of Darkness
    Do you believe in life after death? A lot of religions are actually based on that issue, giving people the reconcile to go on, after the death of their close persons. Some people believe that there is the Heaven or Hell after the life on Earth has ended. And so, churches teach us that if we are good people during our lifetime, that we deserve to find our place in Heaven. And, the image of Heaven, what's it like? It is the best place to be, actually. You will have everything you didn't have on Earth, go to places you couldn't imagine to go. But, only if you believe it. Literature and other arts are flooded with various representations on this questions. Maybe one of the most popular on the issue of the Hell with its' nine circles are invention of the imagination of famous Italian author Dante Alighieri. He wrote 'Inferno', the epic poem from the 14-th century, and today, seven hundred years later, that remarkable peace of art is still inspiring artists.

    Maybe it is the best to believe that there really is life after death. That way, we are not going to take too serious the death and live more relaxed and less stressed. Our player for today is called Frank. He is a gentleman that believes that there is life after death. His whole life he has dedicated to researching of supernatural forces and spirits. He is hunting them constantly wanting to prove that the terrifying death isn't the end. She finds out that in a abandoned house on the hill there lived spirits. Frank arrives on the place and begins to research the environment and the interior of the house.

    He is convinced that there really live spirits because the whole time he feels someone's existence. If you are willing to put yourself into extraordinary adventure, join Frank, no matter if you believe or not in life after death.


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    House of Darkness

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    Genres: Scary
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    Published on: 21.01.2016
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    mabby (11 months ago):
    Very nice, thanks h4f.

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