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    False Alibi
    Mister Kenneth has being found dead on the small port in the center of the city. He arrived today with one purpose - to meet Mister Thomas, the owner of one of the biggest pharmaceutical companies in the country. Let's see what really happened. Our team of experienced agents and investigators, including our player, as the main inspectors' assistant, begins detailed investigation for this murder. They have conversation with all the people whom with Mr. Kenneth had a contact on that fatal day. Put yourself into the shoes of the best world known investigators created by the imagination and creative minds of writers of all the time – Hercule Poirot, Sherlock Holmes, why not the guys from the C.S.I New York, and solve this murder.

    Of course, the first suspect for the murder would be Mr.Thomas, but what would his motives be to do that. Mr.Kenneth has been involved into the pharmaceutical business for decades and was a very good player in this field. He usually didn't play dirty games, that's why it was very strange who would really have a motive to eliminate this guy from the face of the Earth. But, as they usually say, where money reign and the big interests are involved, those are already good motives.

    Kenneth and Thomas were supposed to discuss about some new medicine and possible collaboration. Mr.Kenneth was very smart guy, and he had already patented few drugs that the world recognized and already were in the pharmacies in his country. Today, they actually wanted to find a common language, so Kenneth would sell his patent to Thomas and they would spread it all over the world. Did Mr.Thomas had a motive to do such a nasty thing and eliminate his business rival or maybe someone else entered in between? As a player, assistant of the excellent investigators, this is certainly the first question you need to ask your self. Good luck!


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    False Alibi

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    Genres: Mystery
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    Published on: 26.01.2016
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    has being?????????

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