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    A Letter to Elise
    Timothy is a middle aged man who is crazy in love with the rich noble woman Elise. There is no other woman in Timothy's world and he will not give up until he gets Elise for himself only. When they were young, Timothy and Elise were a perfect matching couple, but their parents were very eager for their relationship not to work out and literally stood on the way of their love. At their 18 years they weren't very aware back then they don't have to listen to their parents all the time and gave up on their love. They stopped functioning as a couple, but never stopped loving each other. Elise was an emotional lady that didn't want to talk a lot about their love and how she lived afterwards, but unlike her, Timothy couldn't stand every next day living without her.

    Since they split up, almost every day Timothy visits the places where he and Elise used to go for a walk. There he is looking for an inspiration for his novel that he wants to write for her. The book would be a combination of fiction and autobiographical elements. This is a way Timothy wants to make him feel better and hopes that the book might even help him get back Elise. Twenty five years have gone by since they are not together. No parents or someone else can stand on his way to Elise anymore. But, since they have lost contact, he is all in questions if Elise is already married to someone and has her family.

    All these years Timothy wrote romantic letters to Elise, but wasn't brave enough to send them. The books' title would be 'A letter to Elise' and the basic idea Timothy gained from all the letters he has written for Elise, but never had the courage to send them. Oh, we haven't met such a romantic person in long time, haven't we? Let's help this man bring his love back.


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    A Letter to Elise

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    Genres: Romance
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    Published on: 29.01.2016
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