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    A Friend in Need
    Shirley is in her friend Amanda's house. Amanda looks for help in the cleaning of her house, which is pretty big mess. As a good friend, off course, Shirley accepted the call for help because she is a real friend and she doesn't forget to reciprocate for her friend's favors. When last year she was in a similar situation, she got Amanda's help. They don't say in vain – 'A friend in need is a friend in deed.' That old proverb says a lot, because when we are having a good time and we have no trouble and off course, if we are lucky enough to have money, than it is sure that a lot of people will 'love' us.

    Of course, we are ironic, that love is actually interest. And, what happens to those people that used to have a lot, and today – nothing? They realize who their real friends are in those moments, because the one who loves you loves you for who you are and not for what do you have. It's the best thing if you can arrange someone else to do the big cleaning for you and you use the lovely day some better way, but if you still have no choice, than, at least, call a friend.

    Shirley knows exactly what it looks like when you get to do all the boring cleaning at home, especially as she has big house and lots of objects to remove to get things in order. Last year when Shirley did the spring cleaning, from her four best friends, only Amanda accepted the invitation and helped Shirley. The both of them start the cleaning together. They put their common favorite music and singing, dancing and lot of talking helped them to finish the job easily and quickly. So, be good friend to Amanda and Shirley and try to give a good hand to them. They will be thankful, we are sure.


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    A Friend in Need

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    Published on: 01.02.2016
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    mabby (11 months ago):
    So pretty, thanks guys.

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