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    Eye of the Blizzard
    Journalism is not a lovely profession at all. People that get involved in this profession love the unexpected, the surprise, the excitement, they are eager to bring justice to places where it is taken away, to bring joy of a social solved problem to those who need it. Very often their lives are endangered, by threats if they are interested in some criminal, in specific personalities. But, one has to stand for the pressure if wants to end the story as it should be done.

    Very often, journalists work in impossible conditions. They are the first on the line when they should report on issues like wars, social conflicts, manifestations where democracy is missing. Even, when there are bed weather conditions, climate catastrophes, they put their lives in danger just to get to the right reporting for the readers or viewers. They say, once you are 'contaminated' with the love for this profession, you can not let go. And, to add to this, maybe one should know when to stop this love relationship, because it can cost health problems, as well. Journalists spend less time in their homes, that's why very often they don't get enough understanding their spouses and children would look for. Divorces are very often a common appearance. But, when you are a journalist and really love this job, it will take you to a lot of lovely places that beyond the profession, would be far for you.

    In our game for today, we are meeting you with journalist Deborah who has been trapped into a huge snow storm in New York. With her TV team, she has to report directly from the face of the place, but no one ever suggested that this was going to be such a big and dangerous storm, and beside reporting from the storm, Deborah has to find a way to tuck away together with her colleagues. Here comes our player as a part of her team and together they will have to manage the thunderstorm.


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    Eye of the Blizzard

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 02.02.2016
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    Pek-Inés (2 years ago):
    The snow effect is lovely.

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