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    Camping Day
    Parker family is very fond of camping. They are willing so much to transmit their habit to their children at least once a month to go out, be close to the nature and to sleep under the open sky. The mother Karen is going to be the guide through this wonderful game. She is going to explain our players how important it is to find as much time possible to go out there in the close environment and to forget the everyday obligations. Karen's idea is to show her children how they should choose a camping spot and which plants are very useful for them.

    The game will remind you how camping can be fun as well and how it teaches us to be simple, just like nature is. When you go on camping you can not take a whole luggage with you, but only the necessary and basic stuffs, like camping dishes set, the inevitable sleeping bag and food adequate for preparing in the conditions.

    It is very sad to know that modern mankind is more and more distanced from the nature. Closed in our technocratic world, surrounded with all the possible technologies and gadgets the science can make, we are so happy when we get the newest version of our favorite mobile phone brand or computer. The busy working man suffers a lot of health problems because he doesn't find time to do the sports, sits in front of the computer whole day and night. We seem to forget that we are part of the nature and as such we belong there. Remember how nice we feel when we return home from skiing, for example, or from hiking or walking with our friends. That is more than proof that when you are close to the nature, you simply feel better. That feeling is non comparable to any new gadget you will pay.


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    Camping Day

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    Published on: 03.02.2016
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    elsa2007 (4 years ago):
    I have  just played camping day I finished it again but I keep playing it over again  

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