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    Valentines Gifts
    The most romantic holiday of all is coming soon, yes, you all agree, the day of the lovers 'St.Valentine's Day'. People all around are starting to panic, because the holiday is coming and they still haven't bought the presents for their lovers. Donna and Blake are the owners of a small flower market in a small town. Besides the inevitable flowers, they purvey other romantic gifts, that's how they have a lot of customers. And, as the purchasers' number rises, obligations are getting bigger, as well. Donna and Blake need an assistance so they could afford all the needed supplies at this period. You are guessing that, you, our player should help these retailers to do their job the best way possible. It shouldn't be too difficult for you to convince other people to buy some interesting Valentines' day card, a teddy bear with a message of romantic character maybe or some decoration with the message 'I love you'. Remember what is the most persuading for you when you are buying such objects and put that in your merchandising abilities.

    Modern world is used to spend a lot of money when some holidays come. Christmas, Mother's Day and off course, St.Valentine's Day, are the 'worst' for your family economy and wallets. Who can hesitate these holidays and not spend more money than usual? Very often we celebrate specific days without even knowing the their meaning. The basis of the holiday is Christian, because on the February 14 were organized liturgical celebration on the saint called Valentius.

    Did you know that this saint was actually imprisoned because he was included in performing weddings for soldiers that weren't allowed to marry and for ministering to Christians who were persecuted under the Roman Empire. But, this holiday hasn't always been celebrated as the day of the lovers. It gained romantic sense in a less than one millennium ago. Now that we gave more sense to this holiday, relax and start the game!


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    Valentines Gifts

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    Published on: 08.02.2016
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    Ward (2 years ago):
    The pink bag doesn't look like a bag at all. It's on the table.
    arkcitylady (2 years ago):
    game will not load

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