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    Some love stories are simple, some are loves at first sight, some are very complicated, some have happy end and finish with marriage and life together, and one, two, three children, others, unfortunately end very fast. But, there are such kinds of loves that are immortal. Those loves are lasting forever and simply are inspirational and can bring your faith back in love. Probably you are guessing, one can find those loves only in literature and history and most of them are invented by the great will of writers to create the eternal love, the kind that is difficult to be found in real life.

    From time to time we are offering you our quiz games. On a day like today, when people are celebrating St. Valentine's Day, we decided to offer you something different. In this game we are representing you the famous couples in the history. We all know or recognize the famous lovers Romeo and Juliette, Bonnie and Clyde, Antonio and Mellida, Orpheus and Eurydice, Cleopatra and Mark Antony, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde… and many more. And, most of these loves are being dramatized and made beautiful films out of it. Every romantic person loves to know more about these stories, to be part of them. Such stories really renew the faith in love in people, no matter how idealistically it seems to be.

    You will receive screens that are thematically connected to the couples we are talking to you above and at the end of each screen, you will get a question for which you need to answer who are the great lovers. We are not letting you to bother too much, you will have three possible answers. And, if you answer correctly, you will continue the game, if not, you will have to replay the level. You are already familiar to this rule.So, enjoy good time and try to find the lovers couples.


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    Guess the Couple

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    Published on: 14.02.2016
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    All comments (2)
    mabby (2 years ago):
    So pretty, thanks guys.
    bob66 (4 years ago):
    nice game i liked when they asked you questions after each challenge

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