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    Lost Treasures of Petra
    Archeologists are the people that want to dig into the past and research the treasure and the life that could be found millenniums and centuries ago. They use specific measures and tools to get to the truth, to come to the right time and era the objects could be found. As no one else, the archeologists are joyful when they find some important artefact that might lead them to a greater discovery. And the one who finds the most important artefact is the 'star' among the archeologists. Our civilization hasn't started with us, we are fooling if we think that everything has started from us. Long time ago, some other people with other culture and habits lived on the same spot where our house is, off course, far from our comfort and simplicity. We have used their skills and their rituals to get to where we are now. We simply upgrade the human knowledge.

    Every archeologist dreams of discovering a rich lost city and dreams of having the chance to go through every single detail that could be found and compose the complete story of that era. In today's game we are actually going into such lost city. The Roman Empire has been one of the most conquering and whenever Roman soldiers would go, they would take what is the best. The lost City of Petra has always been a challenge for archeologists, especially for the numerous legends connected to the city. That is it say, the tribe Nabateans that is considered to be the tribe that built the city, has hidden huge amount of treasure inside the city.

    Not one single treasure hunter couldn't make it to discover this wealth. The Nabateans supposedly have stolen a lot of treasure from Roman guards and they have hidden it right here. Sonia and Vince are archeologists who haven't been in Petra for long time. Their goal is to find the lost treasure.


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    Lost Treasures of Petra

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    Genres: Adventure
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    Published on: 16.02.2016
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