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    Toms Farm
    People who love the nature, the land, the clean environment around them, surely love to spend their life on peaceful places. If you are such kind of a person, you will surely be dedicated to agriculture your own food, because it is the healthiest and tastiest. Even if your appetites aren't very big, meaning you plant only the amount of vegetables and fruits that you and your family and friends can consume, why not? In modern era of GMO and food with suspicious origin, we should all be careful what we feed ourselves and our children, but even more, what eats ourselves. Spending time on open air and away from the noise and crowd in the big cities, being closer to the nature itself, who could ask for more? But, it is fool to think that farming and agriculture is a simple thing that only needs love to be accomplished. It is a whole science, a lot of skills and dedication are needed. And, again, if you don't like the idea of that, don't even bother with such kind of life.

    Our game today will bring you on a lovely farm that one very dedicated young person has created. And, you are guessing, he needs your help in something.Young Tom is the youngest farmer in his village. He loves the farming more then anything in the world. But, Tom isn't Superman, and he needs help when it comes to the work on his propriety. That's why he called for help for his cousin, our player to help him with the everyday obligations on the farm, because his father is sick for a while. Tom is a hardworking boy and farming is no big deal for him – he loves it no obligation is difficult for him.

    He is determined and ready to take over all the activities needed for the farm to be in perfect condition.So, tuck up your sleeves and help Tom!


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    Toms Farm

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    Published on: 17.02.2016
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