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    Evergreen House
    Saving memories is something very nice. People that are attentive and want to safe certain period of their or the lives of close people, simply safe their stuffs, keep them carefully and if they have the occasion, they will show them to the public. This goes mostly about famous personalities. No matter what celebrities have, whether it is a letter they wrote to their lover and send it, or some nice dress or guitar, those objects are getting precious as the time goes by. And the more famous the star is, the higher the price will become and the auction houses would be pleased. We are all shaking our heads when we read on the Internet that someone paid million on some part of the clothes of a famous star. Well, for people who love to collect things and off course, have the money to do it, it is not a problem. Houses that turn into museums are very normal thing for the world. It is always the place where a famous writer, singer or actor lived and then it is opened for the public.

    Virginia is the daughter of one of the most famous country singers in the United States. Her close friends have been convincing her for long time that she should turn the house where she was born twenty five years ago into a museum, in honor of her father. After a lot of talking, negotiations and suggestions, she finally decides to do that. She named the museum as 'Evergreen House\". But don't you dare to think that the house would become a museum overnight, than you are mistaking.

    It takes a lot of job to be done for that to become reality. Virginia needs to clean up all the unneeded objects from the rooms and to renovate the house completely. For that purpose to be realized, she calls her best friend and that is you, our precious player and together you should start preparing 'Evergreen House'.


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    Evergreen House

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    Published on: 20.02.2016
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    mabby (10 months ago):
    My favorite kind of game, with a good variety of tests. Thanks guys.

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