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    Charity Sale
    One doesn't have to have too much to be a good person and to have empathy for the others around him/her, the others that maybe don't have too much luck and kismet in their lives. And you won't become a poor man if you open up your wallet for others, that is to say your heart, because knowing that one nice gesture can give someone hope and light in the day is bigger than any money you will give away. In modern days we are more and more desperate for love and attention. Remember that those things go for free, it takes your heart to be open.

    If you take a good look at the world map today and the way people live, you will certainly find big differences and contradictions. There are people that throw food leftovers on one hand, and there are others, that suffer for one bite and even worse, die of hunger. Or, there are those who say that they have nothing to wear, usually women and girls, and others, that walk barefoot, because they simply don't have anything to wear. Concerts, charity events, manifestations are being organized and that can help at least a bit for few hungry mouths. The Irish musician Bob Geldof gathered together the music leaders and stars on few concerts to help collect money for the poor people of Africa. He formed charity so called super groups and organized the concerts Live Aid.

    Similar energy and activism has the lady of our game today. Stephanie is the owner of hotel chains and she is regular participant in charity events. She decides to organize Charity Sale and the money collected thanks to that organization, to be donated for the hungry African children. She finds that even she gets to help at least one child that would be a real mission. Her assistant, and that is you, our player, is in charge to select the most precious objects from Stephanie's home and to offer them on sale.


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    Charity Sale

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    Published on: 24.02.2016
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