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    Forsaken House
    People want to believe in anything. It is in our nature to choose some greater power we are going to believe so it would make our lives easier. Some believe in some confession, religion, in Gods, some in supernatural things, others in paranormal things. No matter where do you live, or what do you do in your lives, we all need some power, something we can't really explain rationally, but still… Even people that claim to be atheists. They might be the greatest believers, in the non-existence of Gods and higher spirits. What about people who believe that paranormal stuff are 'normal', as well? They believe that the spirits of people live in houses, they appear from time to time when a situation looks for it. And this is not only something you would love to see in movies and on TV, some want to believe it in their everyday life.

    In today's game we give you a story that is connected to paranormal issue. It might sound familiar to you from some mysterious horror movie from the 80's, so put your imagination on, and have real fun with hidden4fun. In the year 1983, the girl named Tara has been kidnapped from her home. The last information connected to that girl were that Tara has been seen few times in this specific house. The local people claim that very often they see a spirit of a girl standing beside the window.

    They are afraid that Tara's spirit lives in this house. People are so scared that no one of them is willing to enter the house. Our task is to find out the truth about Tara. The young detective specialized in paranormal cases, named Krystal, is already inside the house and starts to explore it very thoroughly. Unlike locals, she is not afraid to face the truth about the place.


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    Forsaken House

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    Genres: Mystery | Scary
    Played: 203,966
    Published on: 17.03.2016
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    All comments (4)
    Ward (2 years ago):
    Game stopped after finishing shooting balls - wouldn't skip or share.
    bob66 (3 years ago):
    yes i agree best game yet i give it  a 10
    wyominglady8 (3 years ago):
    game stop working bummer!!!!!!!!!!!
    coldon45 (3 years ago):
    Thank you for all the awesome Hidden objects. Best games ever.

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