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    Secrets of Walden Pond
    Photograph is the art that people with good eye can dedicate their free time and their lives. At, least, if working professionally. To be on the face of the place is the moment that photo reporters dream of. Catching a moment that is important, catching the right photograph that others couldn't - that is the moment photo reporters leave for. And one photograph, one moment can make you a name for one day.We all are amateur photographs. Each of us has camera at home to catch the moments of the family, friends, of colleagues. Due to the modern technologies, we actually forgive to print our photographs and we leave them in our computers, in mobile phones…And when one day you get your computer broken, or telephone out of order, than you understand that many years and moments have gone into the air, just because you weren't attentive enough to give them eternity.

    Who wouldn't envy people who travel the world and take pictures? You don't need words to express what something means, the picture says everything. And the experience captures in a foreign country with totally different culture, that is some precious moment.

    Julia is a professional photograph and mysterious and unknown places in the whole world are her passion. Today she arrived by the famous lake 'Walden Pond' located in the states of Massachusetts. It's her first time ever here and she starts exploring the secrets of this wonderful natural heritage. She uses the photograph as a medium to recapture the feeling that she actually had when researching 'Walden Pond'. What a moment it is when you are on some place that only few people have visited? And if you are lucky enough to memorize all the interesting moments with your camera and than share it with your friends and family! Help Julia do that!


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    Secrets of Walden Pond

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    Published on: 02.04.2016
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    Annamarie (2 years ago):
    down loading take to long

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